5 of our top RPGs on Evercade

Written by Pete Davison


The Evercade platform plays host to a huge number of games now — and with each new cartridge release, more titles are added to the library!

We know that sometimes it can be a bit daunting to be confronted with such a vast number of games to play, so every so often we’ll be highlighting 5 of our favourite titles in various different categories.

Today it’s the turn of the RPG genre, which provides a wide variety of role-playing experiences for experienced veterans and newcomers alike. And, like many other genres, RPGs can be divided into a variety of different subtypes — so we’ve done our best to cover a nice cross-section of the different kinds of RPG experiences available on Evercade!

So let’s dive into this beloved mainstay of gaming and look at some of the games for Evercade that will have you burning the midnight oil and going on grand adventures.

Gateway to Apshai

Top RPGs on Evercade: Gateway to Apshai

Gateway to Apshai can be found on C64 Collection 1our first home computer cartridge for Evercade. First released in 1983, Gateway to Apshai was a revolutionary title that is an early example of the action RPG genre, and one of our top RPGs on Evercade.

Prior to Gateway to Apshai, most computer role-playing games unfolded in a turn-based format, with the player and the computer alternating between taking actions, like in a board game. In Gateway to Apshai, however, the computer-controlled enemies don’t wait for you to make menu selections before attacking! That means you’d better make sure it’s safe before rummaging through your pack — and in combat, positioning yourself tactically is very important!

While the game lacks an ongoing story like in later games of its type, Gateway to Apshai remains a highly enjoyable dungeon crawler that it’s worth spending some time with. And with its scoring system, you can easily keep track of how well your various runs into the dungeon went!


Top RPGs on Evercade: Exile

Exile, an unusual RPG from the Renovation Collection 1 cartridge for Evercade is one of several games from the period where RPG developers decided to experiment a bit with mechanics and presentation.

Rather than adopting the usual top-down format for the entire game, Exile instead reserves top-down sequences for towns and character interaction, while dungeons and boss fights unfold from a side-on perspective, a bit like a platform game.

With gorgeous graphics, a stirring soundtrack and an enjoyable (if, at times, bewildering) story, Exile is a must-play for fans of interesting and unusual role-playing games.

Brave Battle Saga

Top RPGs on Evercade: Brave Battle Saga

Brave Battle Saga has been one of the most consistently popular and well-loved games in the Evercade library ever since it was first released alongside the original handheld on the Piko Interactive Collection 1 cartridge. And with good reason: it’s a great role-playing game, and one that most players won’t have experienced back in the day, because it was only released in the Taiwanese market.

Like many other console RPGsBrave Battle Saga features an intriguing blend of fantasy and sci-fi. In combat, you’re just as likely to come up against robots and mechs as you are skeletons and dragons, and your quest will take you all the way from humble beginnings in a rural village to an ancient space station.

With impressive visuals, great music, an interesting plot and a solid localisation to English, Brave Battle Saga is an Evercade RPG that will keep you busy for quite some time! Definitely one of our top RPGs on Evercade!

Anguna: Warriors of Virtue

Top RPGs on Evercade: Anguna

Anguna: Warriors of Virtue is an action RPG, and a great example of the incredible talent today’s “modern retro” indie developers are bringing to the world of gaming. Released as part of our Indie Heroes Collection 1 cartridge, Anguna challenges you to explore a large overworld and take on five challenging dungeons.

Drawing inspiration from established classics of the genre, Anguna allows you to fight against your foes with several different weapons — both up-close and personal and from range. You’ll also find helpful items along the way to aid your quest in various ways beyond increasingly creative ways to inflict violence.

And when you’re done with this one, you’ll be able to enjoy its equally enjoyable 8-bit follow-up Anguna: Scourge of the Goblin King as part of the Indie Heroes Collection 2 cartridge — that is, if you haven’t already given it a go as part of the Evercade VS Game of the Month programme!

Breath of Fire

Top RPGs on Evercade: Breath of Fire

Breath of Fire is a classic RPG from our friends at Capcom, and as such it comes pre-loaded on the Evercade EXP, meaning you’ll never be far away from a grand adventure! Taking on the role of dragon boy Ryu, you’ll set off on an epic quest to find your sister, coming into conflict with the Dark Dragon clan along the way.

Breath of Fire’s detailed graphics and interesting “personal actions” system makes it an extremely fondly regarded 16-bit RPG, and it’s impressive for being Capcom’s first foray into the genre. There’s also a bunch of fun Capcom cameos throughout the game, including a brief appearance from Street Fighter II’s Chun-Li… if you know how to trigger it.

Breath of Fire’s imaginative world and character designs mean that it’s always been a fondly regarded series — so why not go back to where it all began with the original game, one of our top RPGs on Evercade?

So that’s 5 of our top RPGs on Evercade — now it’s over to you! What are your favourite platformers on Evercade? Stop by on TwitterFacebookReddit or Discord and come tell us all about your top picks!


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