Written by Sean Cleaver

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That’s right – 18 amazing games from the legendary publisher have been revealed as the bonus content for the new Evercade EXP handheld console.

It’s time to insert your coins, save your girlfriend, hadouken your way to victory and defeat the evil Dr. Wiley in this collection of much loved Capcom titles from the 1980s and 1990s.


Fourteen incredible arcade games and another four console classics will be built-in to the Evercade EXP. This means EXP owners will have instant access to greats such as Street Fighter II’: Hyper Fighting, Mega Man, Final Fight™, Ghouls ‘n Ghosts™, Strider, Breath of Fire, and more!


Plus, thanks to the new Evercade EXP TATE feature, many vertical games will be playable the way they should be played, including scrolling shooters like 1942 and 1943 and vertical run and gun games like Commando™ and MERCS.


These games are BUILT-IN to the device which means that they are instantly playable out of the box. No download, no need for connection – simply go to the EXP button on the main menu and select The Capcom Collection.


The games will all be able to use the same great features as everything else on Evercade so you’ll be able to use save states, bezels, and scanlines – just like any other Evercade game. You’ll also be able to play them on your TV via the mini HDMI out at 720p.


The full games list is:

  • 1942 (Arcade version)
  • 1943 (Arcade version)
  • 1944 : The Loop Master (Arcade version)
  • Bionic Commando™ (Arcade version)
  • Captain Commando™ (Arcade version)
  • Commando™ (Arcade version)
  • Final Fight™ (Arcade version)
  • Forgotten Worlds™ (Arcade version)
  • Ghouls ‘n Ghosts™ (Arcade version)
  • Legendary Wings™ (Arcade version)
  • MERCS (Arcade version)
  • Street Fighter II’: Hyper Fighting (Arcade version)
  • Strider (Arcade version)
  • Vulgus™ (Arcade version)
  • Mega Man (8-bit)
  • Mega Man 2 (8-bit)
  • Mega Man X (16-bit)
  • Breath of Fire (16-bit)


The Capcom Collection will be built-in to all Evercade EXPs and Evercade EXP Limited Edition Consoles. There is no physical cartridge for this collection, however a physical manual for the collection will be included in the box.


The Evercade EXP is a brand new handheld console from Evercade that features a high-resolution IPS screen, built-in WiFi and expanded controls, as well as a new TATE mode for vertical-based arcade titles, and the aforementioned 18 built-in games of The Capcom Collection.


It will be available to pre-order from all Evercade retailers from September 6th 2022 and will release on November 24th 2022.


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