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The Evercade and its library of games have grown massively since its initial release in Spring 2020. Over 300 games and 26 cartridges will be released by the end of 2021.

One of the most talked-about stories around the Evercade has been the support of independently produced titles. From our Indie Heroes collection with a great selection of homebrew titles developed for original hardware, to our publisher collections like Mega Cat Studios, and our work with publishers and developers like Bitmap Bureau and Big Evil Corp.

Now, with the release of the Evercade VS, it’s time to re-introduce our developer program so that you can be the next Indie Hero, or your studio can look at the Evercade as a place to publish your games.

What Are We Looking For?

Evercade biggest factor for its fans is its physicality and its acknowledgment of the nostalgia of retro gaming. It’s why we publish many home and arcade collections that everyone remembers and that many discover for the first time.

With this in mind, we’re currently looking for the following types of titles:

• Games and Homebrew games designed for original hardware

• Natively built or ported games in a retro-inspired style

• Publishers with retro-inspired titles/catalogues

What Happens Next?

If your title is selected then we will contact you to discuss all other publishing details along with supplying you with any tools that you need, such as a special development cartridge for game testing.

During development we can help to support and work together on your project. We have a dedicated team of developers for the Evercade project who are not only fanatical about games, but also have an extensive background in numerous technologies such as emulation, Unix systems, SDL2, OpenGLES, C/C++, CI/CD and many more.

The development community is at hand for any questions.

Once everything is complete and your game is released, you’ll also get a framed version of the physical cartridge produced with your game on it!

What Do You Get?

After receiving your inquiry and reviewing any project or submitted game, we will contact you to offer the Evercade SDK. Our SDK will support many projects including games coded in Go, CSS, Gamemaker and of course anything made for original hardware, with Unity support projected for 2022.

Key benefits of being a member of the Evercade Developer Program include:

• Can be run on any machine/OS (Win/Mac/Linux) • Docker based toolchain w/ all required libraries • Remote GDB Debugging • Can be used within Auto Dev Ops (CI/CD) • User guides, tutorials, sample code and demos • Tools to convert production units into

Get In Touch

To submit your title, please email with the following information:

• Name
• Contact details
• Studio/Developer Name
• Name of title
• Programming Language/Development tool
• Details about the game (genre, style, players, etc.)

You’ll receive an automatic reply acknowledging your submission and we’ll return your email if we wish to continue your submission further.

We will be looking at publishing titles via our Indie Heroes, Dual Cartridge and Publisher collection lines for 2022 and beyond so there’s a lot of indie potential for the Evercade.

Get in Touch

What If I’m Not A Developer

Not everyone is a developer but you might be involved in the games development industry in other ways. We’re always happy to see how someone can help us in developing our console and our software in future – be that games, emulator support or feature suggestion.

You might also be an owner of games, intellectual property or publishing rights, and would like to find a home for the on Evercade. If you are any of these then please contact with the same information as detailed under “Get In Touch”.