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What is the Evercade EXP?
The Evercade EXP is a premium portable retro gaming console that works with Evercade cartridges. It includes a 4.3" IPS HD screen, Wi Fi built in, 4-5 hours of battery life, high-quality construction, and an excellent D-Pad for a superb retro gaming experience. Plug-in your favourite Evercade games and off you go! You can even plug your Handheld into your TV for 720p gaming. Available now, find your local retailer.

What is the Evercade VS?
The Evercade VS is a 1080p, home console version of the Evercade Handheld with 2 cartridge slots for even more games onscreen. With nearly 300 games available there is plenty of choice for retro gamers. The VS includes an enhanced User Interface and the ability to play with up to 4 players couch co-op. The VS brings WiFi updates to Evercade to make updating your console more convenient. You can save games from the VS or handheld and continue playing on either device.

Is Evercade Legal?
Yes! All Evercade games are officially licensed by the brand owners. Evercade is proud to present authentic licensed games to our customers.

Is Evercade Region-locked?
No. Games are not region locked and can be played anywhere.

Is the Evercade any good?
The Evercade Handheld was launched in 2020 and got great reviews from media and our customers. The Evercade VS has also been well reviewed with IGN scoring it 8/10 and T3 Magazine awarding it their Platinum Award. You can see more reviews here: https://evercade.co.uk/media-new/

What are the best games for the Evercade?
There are so many classic games to choose from, from Arcade hits, console classics or Indie gems. Some of the more well-known titles include Pac Man, Galaga, Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy, Speedball 2, Sensible Soccer, Double Dragon, Earthwork Jim, Centipede, Asteroids, Cannon Fodder, Bases Loaded, Burger Time, Bad Dudes vs Dragon Ninja, California games and so many more!

The Evercade EXP features 18 built-in games from world famous publisher Capcom! Out of the box, no download required, you’ll have access to 14 arcade greats and 4 home console classics including Street Fighter II’: Hyper Fighting, Mega Man, Final Fight™, Ghouls ‘n Ghosts™, Strider, Breath of Fire and more including full TATE mode support!

Do Evercade games work on EXP, Handheld and VS?
All Evercade cartridges work with the EXP,Handheld and VS with the exception of Namco Museum 1 and Namco Museum 2 which are Handheld and EXP Exclusives.

How much is the Evercade EXP?
The Evercade EXP is available for £129.99/€149.99/$149.99 with 18 built-in Capcom games and a Cartridge featuring IREM Classics.

How much is the Evercade VS?
The Evercade VS starts at £89.99/€99.99/$99.99 for the starter pack with 1 cartridge and 1 controller. You can also buy the Premium Pack for £109.99/€129.99/$129.99 with 2 cartridges and 2 controllers.

How many Evercade cartridges are there?
There over 35 Evercade Cartridges so far, with many more to come. We have over 300 games including home console (red), Arcade (purple) and home computer (blue) collections.

What games does the Evercade play?
The Evercade is designed to play Evercade cartridges, which are designed exclusively for use with the Evercade systems. The cartridges can carry games from the 8, 16, and 32-bit eras of gaming, with over four decades worth of home console and arcade systems.

Where can I buy the Evercade?
You can buy Evercade at all good stockists from your local country, or via retailers with global shipping. Please visit https://evercade.co.uk/retailers/ to see your local stockist.