New hardware, new lower price! Introducing Evercade EXP-R and Evercade VS-R

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We’re delighted to announce a refresh of the Evercade line of retro gaming consoles that not only provides a simpler and more accessible way to get into Evercade and its physical cartridge ecosystem but also brings the price of the products down to under £100/$100.

The Evercade -R range will see both the Evercade console staples (The Evercade VS and Evercade EXP) get a new look, a simplified package, and one bundled cartridge to be announced later this month.

Evercade EXP-R

The Evercade EXP-R sees many changes from the original Evercade EXP to help reduce the cost of the product. The Evercade EXP-R is the best way to play Evercade cartridge on the go with the focus now purely on the handheld gaming experience. The console also comes in charcoal grey with turquoise accents on the Menu, Start, and Select buttons, as well as the power button. A new textured grip on the rear of the console provides extra comfort during longer play sessions. 

Like the previous model, the Evercade EXP-R also includes WiFi for easy updates, and the TATE button at the bottom, to allow you to rotate your console and play vertical games easily and with an accurate screen ratio.

The Evercade EXP-R will come with a USB-C charging cable and also one Evercade cartridge collection bundled, using our new Giga Cart format, to be announced shortly. Prices for the Evercade EXP-R are now much lower at £99.99, $99.99 and €119.99.

There are some key differences between the Evercade EXP-R and the Evercade EXP. With the conclusion of our licensing agreement for the Evercade EXP, the Evercade EXP-R will not include the bonus 18 built-in titles from Capcom. These will still be available on the Evercade EXP for new and existing owners. The Evercade EXP-R is also optimised for gaming on the go, as many of our fans prefer this method of gaming, either during travel or on the sofa. Therefore the Mini-HDMI out has also been removed from the Evercade EXP-R.


Evercade VS-R

The Evercade VS-R now comes in a charcoal grey with turquoise accents with the front LED and Power button. The Evercade VS-R still features a dual cartridge slot and four USB ports for local multiplayer action. The HDMI output makes this the best way to play retro games on your television or monitor at 1080p resolution. The console firmware now includes the option for TATE screen rotation, which means if your monitor or television supports it, you can now play vertical games on a big screen to great effect. WiFi connectivity allows you to update your console firmware with ease.

Included in the Evercade VS-R package is one controller (also in charcoal grey with turquoise accents), one micro-USB power cable, and one Evercade cartridge collection, using our new Giga Cart format, which will be announced later this month.

Prices for the Evercade VS-R are now a single simplified price at £89.99, $99.99 and €109.99. Additional Evercade VS-R Controllers will also be available separately. Namco Museum Collection 1 & 2 are also not supported on Evercade VS-R.

Correction: An HDMI cable is not included in the package and this article has been edited to remove that error.

We hope you enjoy this new product line, which we hope at its new price point will bring even more new Evercade players and fans to our ever increasing community.


Evercade TATE Grip

We are also releasing a new peripheral for the Evercade EXP and Evercade EXP-R. The Evercade TATE Grip will secure your Evercade EXP or Evercade EXP-R in a comfortable controller-like cradle, enabling you to play TATE games for longer with more accurate response and user comfort. This will be available from Evercade retailers for £17.99, $19.99 and €19.99 from July 2024.


Evercade EXP and VS

With the announcement and release of both of these new -R consoles in July 2024, we have now discontinued the Evercade EXP and Evercade VS consoles. They are available from retailers while stocks last and normal warranty rules still apply for new and existing purchases.


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