Update on Full Void Special Edition – Amazon Pre-Orders

Written by EVERCADE


We would like to address the issues that have come over the last few weeks via Amazon UK with order cancellations, specifically Full Void Special Edition.

We apologise firstly to anyone whose order has been affected by these cancellations. We know you were looking forward to this and we’re working our hardest to make this stock available to you.

For context of what has happened, Amazon took multiple pre-orders for stock of Full Void Special Edition. During the run-up to the product launch, Amazon did not order any stock from us to fulfill those orders. This appears to be an error on Amazon’s side and whilst we continued to raise this with them, by the time we started getting replies from their customer services it was too late for us and sadly for our customers.

Our solution right now is to restock Amazon UK with the stock intended for pre-orders via an alternative means, which you’ll know as “Fulfilled By Amazon”. This means the stock has arrived and will be immediately available to order and we won’t have any way to warn people when this will be live.

Because Amazon doesn’t share order information or personal details, there’s no way for us or Amazon to automatically re-fulfill previously cancelled pre-orders. So the only way for us to get the stock to you is to make it available on a first-come first served basis.

Thank you for your patience, we hope you all have a chance to pick up Full Void Special Edition soon.

Team Evercade


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