Introducing 64-bit console gaming on Evercade!

Written by Sean Cleaver

Tags 64, glover

64-bit is coming to Evercade! We’re delighted to add even more emulation to Evercade’s vast console line-up with 64-bit console gaming!


Starting with Piko Interactive Collection 4, releasing in April 2024, we’re bringing the cult classic Glover! In its highly-praised and fondly remembered 64-bit version. It’s time to revisit the Crystal Kingdom and manipulate the star ball across multiple levels to help restore the world! But it wouldn’t be Evercade if we hadn’t done a little something to make it an even better experience for our fans.


Glover has been rebuilt from scratch by studio Byteswap Labs, which means we’ve been able to add modern optimisations and refine the emulation of the game specifically for Evercade devices, with the help of Maximilian Wedell. This includes optimising the controls for Evercade devices and a cameo from our very own Cadey.


We can’t wait for you to get your hands on this new collection and play what has become a retro gaming favourite over the nearly 25 years since its release, and there’s not long to wait. You can pre-order Piko Interactive Collection 4, including Glover, Risky Woods, and other great games, from February 29th, and the new cartridges will be released in April 2024.


We hope to bring even more great 64-bit games and hidden gems to Evercade fans and cartridge collections in the future. So stay tuned and make sure you sign up to our email list for all the latest Evercade news and releases!



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