Intellivision Collection 1 Games Announced

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That’s right, it’s been a few months but we’re finally ready to let you know exactly what is on the upcoming Intellivision Collection 1 Cartridge from Evercade!

The Games list is:

  • Astrosmash (Shoot ’em Up)
  • Buzz Bombers (Shoot ’em Up)
  • Frog Bog (Eat ’em Up)
  • Night Stalker (Action)
  • Pinball
  • Princess Quest (Platformer)
  • Shark Shark (Puzzle)
  • Slap Shot: Super Pro Hockey (Sports)
  • Snafu (Puzzle)
  • Thin Ice (Puzzle)
  • Thunder Castle (Adventure)
  • Word Rockets (Educational)

These initial 12 games will make up the collection with an aim to release more titles in 2022 for a second Intellivision Collection. So why these games?

One of the key things with trying to bring an older, classic system to a device such as the Evercade is making sure that the experience of playing the games is good and fun. But is also as intuitive as it originally was. This is why you see many devices that have the first and second generation of consoles utilize the original control schemes as much as possible.

With the Intellivision, that is more difficult due to its unique and nostalgia-loaded keypad controller. This doesn’t mean that games from that system will be lost or unplayable without it but it means that we have to make choices as to what works intuitively and is fun to use with an adapted control scheme. All this while bringing the classics everyone loves, everyone remembers or wants to show off for the first time.

We think we’ve hit the right balance here and we’re hoping you do as well. We’ll have more news on pre-orders for this cartridge opening next week. So make sure to stay tuned to social media as well for all the latest announcements.

If you want to see a more in-depth look at the Intellivision collection and a Q&A about the cartridge, as well as all the latest on the Evercade VS, make sure to watch this interview with YouTube Intellivision and Evercade enthusiast OEB Pete and Evercade’s Sean Cleaver.

Team Evercade.


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