Evercade Game Spotlight: Full Void

Written by Pete Davison

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One of the titles we’ve been most excited about from our 2023 lineup is Full Void from OutOfTheBit. This game is such a beautiful, wonderful work of art that it was a natural choice for our first single-game cartridge; it really does stand in a league of its own. And today we’re going to take a closer look at it!

In Full Void, you take on the role of an unnamed teenager. OutOfTheBit deliberately kept the protagonist nameless and without any obvious gender identifiers so everyone could imagine themselves taking the leading role in this story. And it’s a story that feels increasingly plausible as time goes on: in a world where humanity had become dependent on artificial intelligence to keep things running smoothly, a rogue AI effectively enslaved most of the planet, locking them into the virtual worlds they had once used for escapism and dooming society to become a dystopia.

Some remained immune to the AI’s efforts to subjugate humanity, though: specifically, the young people. And it’s as one of those young people that you will attempt to fight back against the AI that has ruined the world. Will you be able to return society to a happier place? Or are things already too far gone? That remains to be seen — but in the meantime, you have a perilous adventure to work your way through.

Full Void draws heavy inspiration from classic cinematic platformers such as the famous Delphine Software games Another World and Flashback, which are, of course, themselves also available on EvercadeOutOfTheBit have successfully drawn on the advances in game design and development techniques since the original release of those games, however, and with Full Void have managed to blend the immaculately animated presentation of old-school cinematic platformers with the responsive and accessible gameplay one would expect from a 21st century title. To put it a tad more bluntly, if you ever found Another World or Flashback to be too difficult to enjoy properly, you’ll find Full Void to be a much more approachable experience, with a significantly more gradual challenge curve. Plus, hey — if you beat Full Void then go back to those Delphine classics, you may well find that your overall skills have improved!

Like the titles that inspired it, Full Void features some easily understandable basic mechanics for moving and jumping, then layers unique contextual controls atop these basics to create a variety of interesting situations. As you progress through the game, you’ll find yourself manipulating the environment to your advantage, finding creative routes around obstacles and even programming machinery and robots to do your bidding. In some situations, you’ll have plenty of time to think; in others, you’ll need to react quickly to incoming threats. And don’t take your hands off the controller when a cutscene comes up; many of them are interactive, requiring that you take an appropriate action at the right time to avoid something unfortunate happening!

While Full Void is a native game for Evercade, featuring full widescreen presentation and some fancy graphical trickery such as 3D voxel objects that wouldn’t have been possible on retro platforms, the overall aesthetic of the game is very much designed to channel the 16-bit home computer era. Featuring a deliberately limited colour palette and relatively low-resolution pixel art, Full Void’s visuals are designed to be atmospheric and evocative, yet provide the player with the opportunity to fill in a few of the details with their own imagination. This is most obviously seen in the aforementioned deliberately vague design of the protagonist, but you’ll also see it in numerous other places throughout the game, too.

The soundtrack, meanwhile, is heavily inspired by the composers who worked magic with digital music on platforms such as the Amiga. With the game’s overall soundscape complementing the on-screen action so well, this is one title you’ll want to crank up the volume for — make sure your Evercade VS is running through some nice speakers, or you have a decent pair of headphones plugged in to your Evercade EXP!

To say too much more about Full Void would be to spoil the sense of discovery that is such an important part of the overall game experience, so we’ll leave it at that for now!

If you’re yet to pick up the game, the standard edition is available wherever Evercade cartridges are sold. The Special Edition of the game is sold out in most places, but at the time of writing there may still be a few copies available from our retail partner VideoGamesPlus, who ship worldwide — though do be aware that they are located in Canada and thus your order may be subject to shipping and customs charges if you live elsewhere in the world.

Full Void is out now for Evercade. Find out more here.


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