Evercade EXP Release Date Moved to December 15th 2022

Written by Sean Cleaver


We are very excited for everyone to get their hands on the Evercade EXP. Our newest handheld is our most technical and premium console to date with new hardware and features that will enhance your retro gaming experience with Evercade.


In order to meet our own high standards of what we want to deliver to you this Christmas, we have made the decision to spend a bit more time on the Evercade EXP to hone some of the technical features and abilities of the console. This has meant that we have had to move the release date by a few weeks.


The new global release date will be December 15th with all retailers updating their listings immediately. You should receive notifications for your pre-orders shortly from your retailer. This includes the Evercade EXP Limited Edition, and with the same shipping window, IREM Arcade 1 and Toaplan Arcade 1 cartridges.


We apologise for the delay, however we are committed to bringing you our device before Christmas, and also to deliver the best device and software we can, built on your feedback from the last two and a half years of Evercade. We hope you understand and look forward to seeing you all enjoying the device on December 15th.


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