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Written by Pete Davison

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Back in the good old days of classic home computers and consoles, the arcades were sacred ground, playing host to games that were much more advanced than those which were possible to play at home. Sure, we got home ports of arcade games — and in some cases those ports were very good indeed — but there was still a certain magic to experiences that had been specifically designed for the arcade.

With Evercade, you not only get access to classics of home computer and console history, but also a range of excellent arcade titles, too — and these aren’t home ports designed with the limitations of home systems in mind; they’re the real thing!

Today we’re going to take a look at five of our favourite arcade titles that are currently available on Evercade — as always with pieces like this, these are simply a showcase of a small selection from the complete Evercade lineup, so be sure to explore the other arcade titles in our library for yourself. And if you’ve found some of your own favourites, feel free to share them with us on our social channels – links at the end of this article.

No pocket change required for this arcade — let’s free play!

Block Out (Technos Arcade 1)

An enjoyably mind-bending puzzler found on Technos Arcade 1Block Out is a twist on the falling block puzzler formula. Unlike many other takes on this type of puzzle, Block Out unfolds in three dimensions, requiring you to twist and turn blocks as they fall “into” the screen in order to create complete layers and eliminate them from play.

Block Out takes a little time to get used to with its three different rotational controls, but a good difficulty curve and some excellent on-screen feedback, with the different layers in the pit being represented by different colours, help this tricky challenge become second nature before long.

Challenge yourself to last as long as possible on a single credit or power your way through the game’s increasingly difficult stages — the choice is yours!

Gate of Doom (Data East Arcade 1)

Blending elements of beat ’em ups and role-playing games, Gate of Doom (also known as Dark Seal) is a popular title on Data East Arcade 1. Its distinctive isometric perspective affords an excellent view of the action, the huge sprites make for some exciting and spectacular encounters, and the varied mechanics of the four different characters mean you can experience the game in several different ways.

If you’re playing on Evercade VS, you can also bring a friend along to enjoy the fun, too. Games like this are always even more enjoyable when played cooperatively, and the complementary abilities of the playable characters provide you with plenty of opportunities to work well as a team.

It’s tricky, of course, as all good arcade games are — but on Evercade you’ve got a bottomless virtual pocket full of change with which to enjoy the game as much as you like. Or just challenge yourself to see how far you can get on a limited number of credits with the Evercade VS and Evercade EXP Coin Limit function!

Alligator Hunt (Gaelco Arcade 1)

Alligator Hunt on Gaelco Arcade 1 is a wonderful experience because it has absolutely no intention of taking itself seriously throughout. It makes no sense, and it revels in that fact, beginning with you battling off aliens and robots while riding a skateboard, and subsequently blasting you into space to take the fight directly to the reptilian enemy!

Alligator Hunt is a great example of what has become known as a “Cabal shooter”, after the 1988 Taito title that popularised the formula. Drawing elements from light-gun shooters but also placing you in control of an on-screen character, games like this demand that you not only shoot accurately, but also that you take care to dodge out of the way of incoming shots.

Once again, you can bring a friend along for the ride in Alligator Hunt. Twice the firepower, twice the fun!

Avenging Spirit (Jaleco Arcade 1)

Avenging Spirit is an unusual platformer from Jaleco in which you play the role of a ghost attempting to avenge your own death — and rescue your still very much alive girlfriend, too, of course. Its unique selling point is that, as a ghost, you’re able to possess any of the game’s enemies and take control of them as a playable character!

As you might expect, different enemies have their own distinctive capabilities. Some can move faster and jump higher, others can take more punishment; some focus on close-up attacks while others have ranged weapons that can take out foes from afar. You’ll doubtless discover your own favourites as you progress through the game — but you’ll also sometimes find yourself in a situation where you have to make do with a less-than-optimal character and make the best of things!

Avenging Spirit is a distinctive and original title that shows the creativity of arcade game developers. You can enjoy it for yourself on Jaleco Arcade 1.

Diver Boy (Piko Arcade 1)

The Piko Arcade 1 cartridge is filled with arcade games that weren’t particularly well known back in the day for one reason or another, and judging from what the community has been saying, there have been some pleasantly surprising hits among them!

One of the most consistently popular titles from this collection seems to be Diver Boy, an underwater-themed collect ’em up with something of a resemblance to classics such as Tecmo’s Bomb Jack (and indeed modern takes on the format such as the wonderful Donut Dodo). In this game, you dive beneath the waves in search of precious pearls, earning bonus points if you collect them in a specific order. The game unfolds almost as an inverted platform game, featuring a “dive” button in place of a “jump” button.

Fun visuals, varied levels and a stiff challenge have made this game a surprise hit among Evercade fans. Have you tried it for yourself yet?

So those are our top picks for our favourite arcade games on Evercade! Now it’s over to you — what are your favourite arcade games on Evercade? Stop by on TwitterFacebookReddit or Discord and come tell us all about your top picks!


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