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Two New Collections on Evercade

Duke Nukem is on Evercade! Two new collections with six great Duke Nukem games available now! Fight Dr Proton and defeat the evil Rigelatins with the brand new Duke Nukem 1+2 Remastered, developed by Blaze Entertainment for Evercade. Save the world in Duke Nukem 3D: Total Meltdown and explore the wider universe with three more great Duke Nukem games.

A new collection of the original Duke Nukem games that has been developed by Blaze Entertainment. Featuring multiple improvements to the early '90s computer classic including 60fps gameplay, upscaled graphics, parallax background and smooth scrolling, along with new music, a redesigned HUD, and widescreen support. With the ability to play the games as they were originally also included.

Duke Nukem’s most famous mission comes to Evercade! Blast your way through the seedy underbelly of Los Angeles and onwards into the heart of an alien invasion force, wielding a variety of crazy weaponry and a bottomless supply of one-liners.

Duke Nukem’s first 32- bit adventure blasts on to Evercade! The evil Drak forces are causing havoc in the Earth’s timeline, and it’s up to Duke to set things right in his own inimitable style. Cause carnage in the present day, the Old West, medieval Europe and ancient Rome!

Duke Nukem’s second 32-bit outing, now on Evercade, sees our hero supporting the Unified Babe Resistance as they fight back against the alien forces who have exterminated all the men on Earth! The future of the human race is at stake…

Duke Nukem’s ambitious handheld adventure comes to Evercade! Our hero is sent to investigate Area 51 after reports of yet another alien species attempting to invade the planet. A globetrotting first-person action thriller awaits as our hero attempts to discover the truth behind the latest threat to humanity’s existence.

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Evercade VS Atomic Edition

Available exclusively from Funstock, this limited edition Evercade VS Atomic Premium Pack has an exclusive inspired colour design and matching controllers. This also comes with both Evercade Duke Nukem Collection 1 and Evercade Duke Nukem Collection 2 included. *This item is now sold out*