THEC64 Collection 1 Announced!

Written by Sean Cleaver


Home computers are finally on Everacade!

In a new partnership with the creators of THEC64 Mini and The A500 Mini, Retro Games Ltd, Evercade are delighted to announce a brand new cartridge collection of THEC64! Featuring 14 classic games from THEC64, including 7 newly released titles, this marks Evercade’s first ever home computer collection!


The home computer gaming scene of the 1980s is still unparalleled in gaming history, spawning multiple companies that still exist today and making hardware and software manufacturers household names. As part of Evercade’s mission to bring the classic gaming experience back to users, or to those discovering it for the first time, this new line helps to bring another dimension and another avenue of retro gaming that could be difficult to access for many. The ability to plug an Evercade cartridge into a system and go, with save states and seamless playability, means that anyone, new or old, a fan or someone newly discovering THEC64, can easily enjoy playing these games.


The included games are:

  • Alleykat
  • Battle Valley
  • Gateway to Apshai
  • Impossible Mission
  • Iridis Alpha
  • Jumpman
  • Lee
  • Marauder
  • The Movie Monster Game
  • Street Sports Baseball
  • Stormlord
  • Subterranea
  • Summer Games
  • Winter Games


This collection is also the first time that any of these titles have been available to be played on a handheld device in an officially licensed capacity. There will be more THEC64 collections coming in 2023 so we have much more to come! This is also the first of many home computer based cartridge collections we are planning over the coming years. Which is why we’ve introduced a new blue colour scheme and new label to separate home computer cartridge collections from the home console line (red spines) and the arcade line (purple spines).

THEC64 Collection 1 will be available to pre-order from July 29th and will release alongside the Alwa’s Awakening/Cathedral dual cartridge in October 2022. This collection will also be playable on all Evercade systems using the latest firmware, including the Evercade Handheld, Evercade VS and the upcoming Evercade EXP.

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