Team17 Brings Amiga To Evercade

Written by Sean Cleaver

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Evercade is delighted to welcome back Team17 to our Evercade cartridge line up! And as the title says – it’s time for Amiga games!

Team17 Collection 1 will be Evercade’s third home computer-based cartridge collection, and like all others will come with a full colour manual with game controls detailed, as well as a physical cartridge and a blue spine colour clamshell case! It’s wonderful to have Team17 back on Evercade following their previous release – Worms Collection 1!

Ten great games from Team17’s back catalogue will find a new home on Evercade with this collection. The full games list is:

  • Alien Breed Special Edition ‘92
  • Alien Breed II
  • Alien Breed Tower Assault
  • Arcade Pool
  • ATR: All Terrain Racing
  • Body Blows
  • Full Contact
  • Kingpin: Arcade Sports Series Bowling
  • Project X: Special Edition ‘93
  • Qwak

From the debut game from Team17, Full Contact, to the popular Alien Breed series, many of these titles have yet to see releases on modern systems and it’s a great time to see where the now legendary British publisher started their video games journey!


This collection will be available to purchase on May 31st 2023, and will be available to pre-order from March 17th 2023. You can find out all the information about this cartridge on the cartridge page!

Amiga lands on Evercade

The Team17 Collection 1 cartridge also marks the first games to come to Evercade using Amiga emulation. For the first time on a handheld gaming device and a physical cartridge collection, legal Amiga emulation can bring these classic titles back into peoples hands, fully licensed. No difficult emulation setup, no scouring of the web or amending of files to make things work – simply plug in the cartridge and play!

This collection is also compatible with all Evercade devices, including the Evercade VS home console and Evercade EXP handheld console running the latest 3.0.X firmware, which will be available to download on the device once connected to WiFi. The original Evercade handheld, which is now discontinued, will also support this cartidge with the impending release of the 3.0.X update. This update will release shortly and will be available from evercade.co.uk/support.

This collection will be the first of many Amiga-based Evercade collections that will be coming over 2023, 2024 and beyond. So keep an eye on our announcements to get the latest news from Evercade.



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