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Evercade VS FAQS

Trouble shooting

Problem: Why won't my VS turn on?arrow

Please check that your power is connected fully. When you turn on the console, make sure you hold the power button down gently for 1 second to boot the system. If it still has no power, please check your power supply meets the recommended specs in the quick start guide. If you have further problems, please contact our support team. (If you have a Founder Edition, please use the black Micro USB cable supplied in the package)

Problem: My VS has crashed. What should I do?arrow

Hold down the power switch until the system shuts down. If this does not happen, please unplug the VS power cable. Once power is off, please try to repower your console.

Problem: My VS is not behaving as expected with glitches and/or performance instability.arrow

Check you are using a minimum of 1 amp power supply. Under 1 amp your console is underpowered and you can experience stability issues.

Problem: My Wi-Fi network or hotspot is not showing on the Evercade VS.arrow

Please make sure your network is not hidden, unsecured or 5Ghz only. These are currently unsupported however compatibility will be improved moving forward

Problem: My Evercade VS controller isn’t working, what do I do?arrow

Please unplug your controller and plug it back in. If you still have any issues, please restart the console and try again.

Problem: I can’t see anything on my TV, what do I do?arrow

If your Evercade VS isn't connected to an output on startup, the LED bar at the front will be a yellow colour. Please make sure the HDMI cable is connected to the Evercade VS securely, as well as the TV or monitor. If you are still having issues, please contact our support team.

Problem: No Sound?arrow

Solution: Use the “+” volume button to increase volume, if this does not work, check in the main menu to see if volume has been turned off.

Problem: The LED on the front of the VS is Yellow, what does this mean?arrow

This means that the Evercade VS is not connected to an HDMI cable. Please check the cable is secure on the back of the console. If you are using a capture card or HDMI switch, please make sure this is connected securely and is powered if needed. If this still doesn’t work, try a direct connection to the TV or Monitor.

Problem: My VS won’t turn on. What should I do?arrow

Please check that the micro USB cable is connected securely to the Evercade VS and is connected to the power output. If this still doesn’t turn on, please check that the USB mains plug or your power adaptor meets the required specification.

Problem: I plugged and mapped my controller but it doesn’t work in games but works in menu.arrow

This is due to a technical limitation of the controllers. This is something we are working on however for a future update. Please contact support@evercade.co.uk

Problem: My save state from the handheld is missing.arrow

If you are using Handheld version 1.3.X or below, the firmware will not capture an image when you save your game. But your save state should still be selectable on the VS.

If you are using Handheld version 2.0.X then the image should be viewable on both devices. If you are unable to see your save game then please email support@evercade.co.uk with your issue and the cartridge/game, as well as the version of the firmware you are using.

Problem: I made an error mapping my controller.arrow

When mapping a controller, make sure you have at least the d-pad and A mapped, so you can undo any errors you’ve made. If you are unable to change the mappings on a controller for whatever reason, you can perform a factory reset by going to Settings > System > Factory Reset.

Problem: The scanlines look bad on my older HD TV.arrow

The Evercade VS scanlines are dynamically generated for 1080p resolution only. So it won’t look correct on an older 720p HD display. This is something we will look at improving in the future

Problem: How do I bring up the in-game menu if my controller has no Menu button?arrow

Problem: Why doesn’t my controller mapping show in the game information?arrow

The diagrams used on the game’s information page are the default controls of the Evercade VS and those listed in the game manual. These won’t change with your custom mapping.

Problem: My cart is not showing up even though it’s inserted.arrow

Please check your cartridges for any debris that might be causing a bad connection. If you are still experiencing issues, please contact support@evercade.co.uk

How do I contact Evercade for further help?arrow

E-mail us at - support@evercade.co.uk

Trouble Shooting FAQs

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