Evercade VS Patch Notes

Find out all the additions and changes to your Evercade VS system with our update patch notes.

VS – Patch Notes

Evercade VS FAQS

How to play games on the Evercade:arrow

1. Insert an Evercade game cartridge into the console.

2. Hold the “ON/OFF” switch down for 1 second to turn on the Console.

3. Press Left or Right on the D-Pad to move between games and select your preferred game.

4. Press the “A” Button to enter the selected game menu.

5. Press "A" button on "START" to play the game.

How do I Pause the Game?arrow

1. During gameplay press the Menu Button to pause the game.

2. Resume the game by pressing the Menu button again.

Note: Some games allow you to Pause the game by pressing “START” or “SELECT”.

How do I exit the game?arrow

1. During gameplay press the Menu Button to bring up the Game Menu.

2. Use the D-Pad to move down the menu to “Quit Game”

3. Press the A button to confirm.

How do I save my gameplay?arrow

1. During gameplay press the Menu Button to bring up the Game Menu.

2. Use the D-Pad to move down the menu to “SAVE GAME”, or if you're in a hurry, select "QUICK SAVE GAME" which will automatically save to slot number 1.

3. Move the D-Pad to the right and select your preferred game slot number.

4. Press the "A" button to save the current game progression in the selected slot.

5. You will be returned to the game.

How do I load a previously saved game?arrow

1. During gameplay press the Menu Button to bring up the Game Menu.

2. Use the D-Pad to move down the menu to “LOAD” and select which save state you want to load. If you're in a hurry or want to pick up straight away, select "Load Last Save" to quick load your last saved game.

3. Press the A button to load this saved game. You will immediately re-enter the game at the saved point.

What is included with the Evercade VS?arrow

Each Evercade VS comes with a USB Power Cable, One Evercade VS controller and one included Game collection (Technos Arcade 1), along with a quick start guide.

The Premium pack comes with an additional controller and an extra game collection (Data East Arcade 1).

The Evercade VS does not come with a HDMI cable included but it is compatible with any standard HDMI cable, which are readily available from retailers.

The Evercade VS also does not come with a power adaptor, but it does come with the micro USB power cable which can be used with any suitable power adaptor.

What kind of Power Adapter do I need?arrow

Any USB mains plug that supports 5v/1-3amp power will be compatible with the Evercade VS. Most mobile phone charger plugs support this voltage. Please make sure that your device meets the amperage requirements or it could cause performance instability.

Most mobile phone charger plugs support this voltage, but please check on the plug before using.

Please also make sure adaptor meets the amperage requirements as under or over voltage can cause performance instability.

How do I play multiplayer on Evercade VS?arrow

Simply plug in a second controller (either another Evercade VS controller or a third party controller), and follow the on screen instructions for that game!

How do I use my Evercade Handheld as a controller?arrow

1. Update your Evercade Handheld to the latest firmware (2.0).

2. Using an Evercade VS Link Cable (available separately), connect the handheld to the VS in one of the front four USB ports

3. In the Handheld's settings menu, select Settings>System>Controller Mode to operate as a controller.

Do you sell a wireless controller or arcade stick, track ball controller, etc.arrow

At present, we only sell a wired Evercade VS controller which is available separately. However, we will be looking to release new controllers in 2022 and we also support many third-party controllers.

What third party controllers work with the console?arrow

Many third party USB-A controllers are supported with the Evercade VS. We will publish a full list shortly but for now we can confirm that after our Day One patch update this will support:

RetroBit Controllers

8bitDo Controllers (including wireless controllers with dongle and Arcade Sticks)

PS4 Controller (wired)

PS5 Controller (wired)

Xbox 360 Wired Controller

Xbox One Controller (wired)

Microsoft Adaptive Controller

Does the VS update through WiFi?arrow

It does! Make sure you are connected to your wireless network and you will receive a notification that a new update is available.

To manually check for an update in the settings menu, select Settings>System>Check for Update.

How do I map my third-party controller to the VS.arrow

1. Go to Settings>System>Controller Mapping and follow the on screen instructions.

2. Make sure that the D-pad and the A button is mapped in order to use the controller.

3. Once mapped, you can use your controller. (Please note: the Evercade VS does not support per-game mapping at this time)

Can I charge my phone from the USB slots whilst I play?arrow

The front USB ports do not support charging of any kind to prevent any damage to your system.

What is the Evercade VS Link Cable?arrow

The red Evercade VS Link Cable allows you to use the Evercade Handheld console as an additional controller. The cable is available separately or included in the Founder Edition. It is not suitable to be used as a power cable.

Are Evercade cartridges compatible with both Handheld and VS?arrow

All cartridges are compatible with all Evercade systems and save games are cross compatible. The exception of Cartridges 2 and 6 (Namco Museum Collection 1 & 2)

Are the purple cartridges compatible with Handheld and VS?arrow

The new Arcade Cartridge with the purple colour scheme are compatible with all Evercade Devices

How do I coin up arcade games?arrow

When you are in the arcade title of your choice, press the “Select” button on your controller to add credits.

Can I update my Handheld Firmware with the VS?arrow

At present, this is not possible. You can only upgrade the Handheld using the FW launcher on our Support page. However, we are looking at introducing this capability in a future Evercade VS update.

Why are there two cartridge slots?arrow

Why not? We know gamers love choice and having choices available to them very easily. With two cartridge slots, you have the ability to have up to 40 games on-screen at any one time, depending on the collection. You may also find a couple of extra games with certain cartridge combinations.

How many cartridges are available for the Evercade VS?arrow

At present, there are 24 cartridges are available for the Evercade VS, up to collection 22 and including Arcade 1-4. All future cartridges will also be compatible with the Evercade VS.

Do I have to turn off the VS to swap cartridges?arrow

No, you can change cartridges (hot-swap) with the power on and the on-screen game list will automatically update.

If I save on the VS, can I play the save on my Handheld? (and vice Versa)arrow

Yes you can! The save games will work on both consoles as all saves are held on the Cartridge. Once you update to the newest Handheld console firmware (2.0) you will also be able to manage these saves.

Can I delete my Save states on VS?arrow

Yes, you can. If you start your game, load up the in-game menu, and select either “SAVE” or “LOAD, you can select your save and press X to delete your save, as indicated on-screen.

What does resolution does the Evercade VS output?arrow

The Evercade VS outputs at 1080p, making it compatible with most HD and 4K TVs and monitors.

What are the technical Specs for the VS?arrow

1.5Ghz quad-core processor, 512MB DRAM, and 4GB internal storage.

4x USB ports for controllers (up to four players supported) with support for third-party controllers.

HDMI output with 1080p resolution (cable not provided)

Updated UI with resolution options (4:3, Pixel Perfect, Full Screen), Scanline Filters, visual game library, and visual save states.

Built-in WiFi for easy updates and future network-enabled features.

5V micro-USB power (cable provided, power adapter not included)

Dual Cartridge slot for expanded library

How long is the Warranty?arrow

The manufacturer's warranty is 12 months from the date of purchase on your receipt.

What is the Secret Menu for?arrow

Shuush! It’s a secret.

How do I contact you for further help?arrow

You can email support@evercade.co.uk with any further queries.

Download the VS User Guide

Includes English / French / Italian / Spanish / German / Portuguese / Polish / Dutch languages

Download user guide

Trouble shooting

Problem: Why won't my VS turn on?arrow

Please check that your power is connected fully. When you turn on the console, make sure you hold the power button down gently for 1 second to boot the system. If it still has no power, please check your power supply meets the recommended specs in the quick start guide. If you have further problems, please contact our support team. (If you have a Founder Edition, please use the black Micro USB cable supplied in the package)

Problem: My VS has crashed. What should I do?arrow

Hold down the power switch until the system shuts down. If this does not happen, please unplug the VS power cable. Once power is off, please try to repower your console.

Problem: My VS is not behaving as expected with glitches and/or performance instability.arrow

Check you are using a minimum of 1 amp power supply. Under 1 amp your console is underpowered and you can experience stability issues.

Problem: My Wi-Fi network or hotspot is not showing on the Evercade VS.arrow

Please make sure your network is not hidden, unsecured or 5Ghz only. These are currently unsupported however compatibility will be improved moving forward

Problem: My Evercade VS controller isn’t working, what do I do?arrow

Please unplug your controller and plug it back in. If you still have any issues, please restart the console and try again.

Problem: I can’t see anything on my TV, what do I do?arrow

If your Evercade VS isn't connected to an output on startup, the LED bar at the front will be a yellow colour. Please make sure the HDMI cable is connected to the Evercade VS securely, as well as the TV or monitor. If you are still having issues, please contact our support team.

Problem: No Sound?arrow

Solution: Use the “+” volume button to increase volume, if this does not work, check in the main menu to see if volume has been turned off.

Problem: The LED on the front of the VS is Yellow, what does this mean?arrow

This means that the Evercade VS is not connected to an HDMI cable. Please check the cable is secure on the back of the console. If you are using a capture card or HDMI switch, please make sure this is connected securely and is powered if needed. If this still doesn’t work, try a direct connection to the TV or Monitor.

Problem: My VS won’t turn on. What should I do?arrow

Please check that the micro USB cable is connected securely to the Evercade VS and is connected to the power output. If this still doesn’t turn on, please check that the USB mains plug or your power adaptor meets the required specification.

Problem: I plugged and mapped my controller but it doesn’t work in games but works in menu.arrow

This is due to a technical limitation of the controllers. This is something we are working on however for a future update. Please contact support@evercade.co.uk

Problem: My save state from the handheld is missing.arrow

If you are using Handheld version 1.3.X or below, the firmware will not capture an image when you save your game. But your save state should still be selectable on the VS.

If you are using Handheld version 2.0.X then the image should be viewable on both devices. If you are unable to see your save game then please email support@evercade.co.uk with your issue and the cartridge/game, as well as the version of the firmware you are using.

Problem: I made an error mapping my controller.arrow

When mapping a controller, make sure you have at least the d-pad and A mapped, so you can undo any errors you’ve made. If you are unable to change the mappings on a controller for whatever reason, you can perform a factory reset by going to Settings > System > Factory Reset.

Problem: The scanlines look bad on my older HD TV.arrow

The Evercade VS scanlines are dynamically generated for 1080p resolution only. So it won’t look correct on an older 720p HD display. This is something we will look at improving in the future

Problem: How do I bring up the in-game menu if my controller has no Menu button?arrow

At present, there is no solution for accessing the menu without a dedicated mapped button. We will add a button combination that you can press to open the menu in lieu of a dedicated button in a future update.

Problem: Why doesn’t my controller mapping show in the game information?arrow

The diagrams used on the game’s information page are the default controls of the Evercade VS and those listed in the game manual. These won’t change with your custom mapping.

Problem: My cart is not showing up even though it’s inserted.arrow

Please check your cartridges for any debris that might be causing a bad connection. If you are still experiencing issues, please contact support@evercade.co.uk

How do I contact Evercade for further help?arrow

E-mail us at - support@evercade.co.uk

Trouble Shooting FAQs

Includes English / French / Italian / Spanish / German / Portuguese / Polish / Dutch languages

Download the user guide