Evercade EXP Patch Notes

Find out all the additions and changes to your Evercade EXP system with our update patch notes.

EXP – Patch Notes

Evercade EXP FAQS

How to play games on the Evercade EXP:arrow

1. Insert an Evercade game cartridge into the console.

2. Hold the “power” button on the top of the console for two seconds to power on the EXP.

3. Press Left or Right on the D-Pad to move between games and select your preferred game.

4. Press the “A” button to enter the selected games' menu

5. Press "A" on the highlighted "Play" Icon to play the game, or scroll down to read more information on the game or access other features.

6. You can also highlight the "Last Save" option with the DPad to load the last previously saved game, or press "Y" to enter the game under Competition Mode, which disables save and load games.

How do I Pause the Game?arrow

1. During gameplay press the Menu Button to pause the game.*

2. Resume the game by pressing the Menu button again.

Note: Some games allow you to Pause the game by pressing “START” or “SELECT”. *Native Games will have their own menu system which can be accessed from this button.

How do I exit the game?arrow

1. During gameplay press the Menu Button to bring up the Game Menu.*

2. Use the D-Pad to move down the menu to “Quit Game”

3. Press the A button to confirm.

*Native Games will have their own menu system which can be accessed from this button. Please follow the menu navigate to Quit or Exit the game.

How do I save my gameplay?arrow

1. During gameplay press the Menu Button to bring up the In-Game Menu.

2. Use the D-Pad to move down the menu to “Save”, or if you're in a hurry, press "A" on "Quick Save" which will automatically save to slot number 1 and return you to your game.*

3. Move the D-Pad to the right and select your preferred game slot.

4. Press the "A" button to save the current game progression in the selected slot.

5. You will be returned to the game.

*Native Games will have their own in-game menu to manage saved games, as they are not emulated. Please follow that games' instructions to save your game or access a checkpoint.

How do I load a previously saved game?arrow

1. During gameplay press the Menu Button to bring up the In-Game Menu.*

2. Use the D-Pad to move down the menu to “LOAD” and select which save state you want to load. If you're in a hurry or want to pick up straight away, select "Load Last Save" to quick load your last saved game.

3. Press the A button to load this saved game. You will immediately re-enter the game at the saved point.

*Native Games will have their own in-game menu to manage saved games, as they are not emulated. Please follow that games' instructions to load your game or access your last checkpoint.

If I save my game on the Evercade EXP, can I play that saved game on the Evercade VS or other Evercade devices?arrow

Yes you can! The save games will work on all consoles as all saves are held on the Cartridge. Note: The original Handheld will need to be using firmware 2.0 or higher to be compatible.

Can I delete my save states on the Evercade EXP?arrow

Yes, you can. If you start your game, load up the in-game menu, and select either “SAVE” or “LOAD, you can select your save and press X to delete your save, as indicated on-screen.

Which Evercade cartridges are compatible with the Evercade EXP?arrow

All Evercade cartridges are compatible with the Evercade EXP. Including the original releases, the purple coloured arcade carts and the blue coloured home computer carts.

How do I access the built-in Capcom Collectionarrow

1. From the menu screen, move your cursor to the left hand side menu. Navigate to the "EXP" icon

2. Press "A". This will open the EXP menu, with the Capcom Collection, Hidden Games menu and Seasonal Menu.

3. Use your D-pad to navigate to the right and highlight the Capcom Collection. Press "A" to open this.

4. You can now select any of the games as you would do if a cartridge was inserted. Press "B" to navigate back to the EXP menu.

What is TATE Mode and how do I use it?arrow

1. TATE mode is a new feature of the Evercade EXP. You can play your EXP console in a vertical orientation, with the screen adapting to do the same. This will let you play vertical screen arcade games with the best screen experience possible for the device.

2. To enable TATE mode, press the T button on the bottom left of the console.

3. If you are in-game, the screen will now turn 90 degrees clockwise, so that the vertical screen best fits to it's length. You can also select pixel perfect and full screen display modes using the "Menu" button and in-game menu.

4. Turn the console 90 degrees counter clockwise, holding it from the left hand side with access to the D-pad and A & B TATE buttons.

5. To play games, use "Select" to insert your coin and "Start" to begin your game, just like normal. Use "Menu" to bring up the in game menu. Use the D-pad as you would normally as this now matches the screen orientation, and the "A" and "B" TATE buttons to play your game.

6. You can press the T button on the bottom of the console at any time to change back to normal screen mode.

7. If you are in the menu, you can see if TATE mode is enabled by the TATE icon in the top left of the display, next to the battery indicator.

Does the Evecade EXP Update through WiFi?arrow

It does! Make sure you are connected to your wireless network and you will receive a notification that a new update is available. To manually check for an update in the settings menu, select Settings>System>Check for Update. To connect to a WiFi network, select Settings>Network>Connect to WiFi and select your network.

How do I coin up in arcade games?arrow

When you are in the arcade title of your choice, press the “Select” button on your controller to add credits.

Can I use the Evercade EXP as a controller for the Evercade VS?arrow

At present, the Evercade EXP does not support this function.

Can I use the Evercade VS Link Cable with the Evercade EXP?arrow

The Evercade EXP uses USB-C, whereas the Evercade VS Link Cable uses MicroUSB, so the cable is not compatible.

What is Coin Limit and how do I use it?arrow

The Coin Limit is a new feature that will limit the amount of credits you can use with arcade titles. Replicating the idea of having a limited amount of pocket money or for specific challenges. If you scroll down the game information page once you have selected a game, you can press "A" to select this and the amount of coins you wish to limit yourself to.

Once you start a game, wait until the game fully loads to the title screen before inserting coins. Once you hit your coin limit, an icon will appear in the top right of the screen to indicate that no more coins can be inserted.

The Evercade EXP remembers your coin limit settings, so if you wish to turn this off for future gaming or playing, you will need to go back to the coin limit area and select "Off" to turn this off.

What is Competition Mode and how do I use it?arrow

Competition mode is another competitive feature that prevents saving and loading of games. This is designed for competitive play with rules to prevent the use of saved games to progress. A gold trophy will display in the top left of the screen to indicate this feature is on.

To activate this, instead of pressing "A" on the "PLAY" button in your game description screen, press "Y". A warning will appear that you are about to start the game in Competition mode. One started, you can play your game as normal.

The "Menu" button will still be operational so that you can exit the game, or change any display settings.

How do I play games on TV?arrow

1. Turn on your TV and plug a Mini HDMI-HDMI or HDMI cable into an available input.

2. Select the corresponding HDMI input on your television.

3. Turn on the Evercade EXP by holding the ON button on the top of the console.

4. Connect the Evercade EXP to a TV with a Mini HDMI to HDMI cable, or with a Mini HDMI adaptor

5. The console screen will turn off and the TV screen will show gameplay and menus in 720p resoltion. Your EXP will be used as the controller.

Note: Consult your TV manual to help in making adjustments for optimal display. Sometimes TVs do not offer fast image processing responses. “Game mode” is usually recommended if available to improve your experience. TATE Mode will also work when plugged in via the TV output. Press the T-Button to access this, however the TATE mode buttons will be active and not the main 4 face buttons.

How do I change the Volume and use Earphones?arrow

1. Volume can be adjusted by pressing the +/- buttons on the bottom of the console.

2. Audio can also be turned adjusted in the "Settings" menu, indicated by a COG icon on the left hand side of the user interface.

3. To use earphones, plug your 3.5mm earphone jack into the earphone port on the bottom of the console.

What do the LED Lights meanarrow

1. When the console is booting up, the LED light on the bottom of the console will flash green. Once finished, this will remain a solid green for a short time. Whilst gaming or in normal operation, the LED light will be off.

2. When charging your console, the LED light will display red. When this is fully charged, the light will be off.

3. If the light is flashing red, this means the console has low battery and needs to be charged. It will also flash red if there isn't enough battery to turn on the console.

4. If the light is flashing purple, this means the console is in screen dimming mode. This is a new feature to help conserve battery. You can select how long it will take for your console to dim its screen in the Settings>Display menu options. Whilst the light is flashing, the console is still turned on. Pressing any button will reactivate the screen.

Can you play the console when it is on charge?arrow

1. Yes you can!

How do I charge my console?arrow

1. Insert the supplied USB-C cable into the USB-C port on the bottom of the console.

2. Connect the USB Cable into a USB wall charger plug (not supplied) or other suitable USB charging appliance.

3. Use a wall charger with the following specification:

Input Voltage: AC 110-240v

Output Voltage: 5V DC

Output Current: Between 0.5A to 3A

4. Charge the device fully on first use. Avoid running the battery down to 0% and do not charge for more than 12 hours to maximize life of battery.

How charged is my console battery?arrow

1. Battery level is displayed in the top left corner of the menu page.

What is the Secret Menu for?arrow

This is a code entry screen for special codes and passwords. Some of these unlock games, others some humours items and jokes. The Evercade community have been finding codes and many are available to find with a quick internet search. Bonus games unlocked via this and via any button combinations will be found in the Hidden Games menu.

What is the Hidden Games option in the EXP menu?arrow

This is where any hidden games you unlock using passwords or button combinations will be found, so you can replay them at any time without having to reenter the code used.

How do I find what firmware version I am using?arrow

If you go to the Settings option in the Settings Menu, you can see your current firmware version number, and also check to see if there are new updates available.

What are the latest Patch notes for Evercade EXP Firmware?arrow

Please visit the Evercade EXP Patch note page here

Evercade EXP Quickstart Guide

Download our Evercade EXP Quickstart Guide.

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Trouble shooting

Problem: Your cartridge does not register with the Evercade?arrow

Solution: Restart the console with the ON/OFF button or hold down Start and Menu for 3 seconds.

Problem: No picture on the screen?arrow

Solution: Make sure the console ON/OFF switch is in the ON position. Plug your USB charging cable into the charging port and mains plug. Turn on the console. Charge your console for a minimum of 1 hour and test again.

Problem: Your Evercade is not charging?arrow

Solution: Ensure the cable is plugged in correctly and the wall plug is inserted fully with the socket switched to on.

Problem: HDMI is not working correctly?arrow

Solution: Ensure your console is turned on, BEFORE HDMI is plugged in. If the problem continues, turn off the TV and make sure all connections are securely made and your TV. Check if you have set the correct HDMI input.

Problem: My Cartridge feels tight In the Consolearrow

Cartridges 1-10, produced at release in May 2020 were a tight fit for initial use. Often with regular use, they became a perfect snug fit. This issue was quickly rectified and subsequent productions of 1-10 were no longer a tight fit. If you are having any trouble with this we advise you to visit our blog below to help.

Tight Cartridge Fix/Solution (2 methods to use)

Problem: I am having audio issues when using HDMI modearrow

Solution: Please try an alternative cable.

Problem: No Sound?arrow

Solution: Use the “+” volume button to increase volume, if this does not work, check in the settings menu to see if volume has been turned off.

Problem: I can't find my WiFi network?arrow

Solution: Please make sure your network is not hidden, unsecured or 5Ghz only. You will find networks using the 2.4Ghz band. These are currently unsupported however compatibility will be improved moving forward. Please consult your Internet Service Provider or Wireless Router/Modem's instruction to enable this if it is deactivated.

Problem: The game screen is turned around.arrow

Solution: TATE mode has been activated or is still turned on. Press the T button on the bottom of the console to return it to the normal screen orientation.

Problem: My Save Sate from the original Evercade Handheld is missing.arrow

If you are using Handheld version 1.3.X or below, the firmware will not capture an image when you save your game. But your save state should still be selectable on the Evercade EXP.

If you are using Handheld version 2.0.X then the image should be viewable on both devices. If you are unable to see your save game then please email support@evercade.co.uk with your issue and the cartridge/game, as well as the version of the firmware you are using.

Problem: The screen has frozen?arrow

Solution: Turn off the console and turn it on again.

Problem: I do not like the button mappingarrow

Solution: You can change the button layout for certain 16-bit games. This can be done in the game description page before starting, or with the "Controls" option in the in-game menu whilst playing. At present, custom button mapping is not available.

How do I contact Evercade for further help?arrow

E-mail us at - support@evercade.co.uk

Evercade VS FAQs

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