Digital Foundry

“In side by side comparisons, I found the Emulation Quality is extremely high… Insert a cart and it loads up super quick with a slick menu design that is easy to navigate… Again, it sounds very accurate to the original game running on real hardware.”

John Linneman – Digital Foundry

Nintendo Life

“A throwback to the good old days of the Game Boy” “ The face buttons have a nice amount of travel and are very responsive, while the D-Pad is fantastic – it’s clearly been modelled after the Sega Saturn’s lush rolling pad, and is a joy to use.” “For those of you who grew up in the ’90s and fondly recall the thrill of investing in chunky plastic cartridges for your Game Boy or Game Gear, the Evercade scratches an itch we didn’t know needed scratching.”

Damien McFerran – Nintendo Life


It’s not just a nostalgia cash-in. Real care and attention have gone into the design, with love and reverence for retro gaming that shows.

Simon Hill - Wired


“With such a vast library of games available to plunder, there are enough hidden gems and rarities to keep something like the Evercade going for a long time.” “ …it’s well-built and looks the part.” ” For retro fans it’s a direct connection to the good old days: Popping open a new game, holding something physical that you can display.”

James Trew – Engadget