News: Evercade Handheld (2020) To Be Discontinued

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As announced during the Evercade 2nd Anniversary Show broadcast today (31/05/22), the original Evercade Handheld has been discontinued, which means that both the Evercade Handheld Starter Packs and Premium Packs are now end of life products.


The Evercade Handheld will still be available on sale from retailers that currently have stock. But no further units will be produced by Blaze Entertainment, with production now focused on the Evercade VS and the newly announced Evercade EXP.


If you have recently purchased or are going to purchase the original Evercade Handheld, you will still have warranty support from the date of purchase and you’re still able to get help and service from our support team for any issues. The retailer’s exchange periods will also remain unchanged where replacement stock is available.


We are planning one more update for the original Evercade Handheld, which will be delivered via the current PC and Mac updater. A Linux updater is still being worked on but unfortunately we have not found any other way to update the console (including via the Evercade VS). Our recommendation is still to use any PC you can get access to if you wish to update the firmware (friends, family, work, etc.).

The update will be due later this year. If any severe issues happen in future then we will release a hotfix if needed.

Compatibility with legacy firmware (1.3.X and below) will finish at the end of 2022, with new collections no longer being optimised for use with that firmware. This means the best way to play our collections from 2023 onwards on the Evercade Handheld will be with the latest firmware, available on this website.


All cartridges released this year (2022) will still work with all versions of the Evercade Handheld firmware. They may also continue to work after this point but the optimal way to play will be with Firmware 2.x.x. There will be no change to existing titles so any games that currently work with the respective hardware and firmware will continue to do so and always remain functional.

As all save states are included in the cartridge themselves, there will be no issue with your game collection or progress.

All cartridge collections that are currently bundled with these packs will be available to purchase individually from a retailer, if you haven’t previously purchased cartridges 1-4. The exception will be Namco Museum Collection 1 which is also out of licence and only available in Europe.


Please contact support@evercade.co.uk for any queries on your existing product or firmware updates, or interested@evercade.co.uk if you are looking to purchase and have any queries.


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