Evercade VS Founder Edition – How to get Your Name in the Evercade VS Credits

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When we came up with the idea for the Evercade VS Founder Edition, we wanted to reward our fans and our most passionate adopters. To give them something that really allows them to become a part of the console and in some way to thank everyone for the passion, dedication and love shown from the community to Evercade since its release a year ago.

Whilst we have some great extras in this limited collector’s edition, you’ve probably wondered exactly why it’s called the Founder Edition and today we can share with you the final exclusive feature of the package.

People who pre-order the Evercade VS Founder Edition from Funstock will also get the opportunity to have their name in the credits of the Evercade VS. Fully immortalised across every single Evercade VS unit.

You’ll be able to see your name in every Starter and Premium pack console as well as the Founder Edition console. This will be added to a new “Credits” area as part of our new UI and operating system.

Once we have run out of the Evercade VS Founder Edition packages, Funstock will contact you via email in order to collect your details so we can upload them to our new OS before it goes into production.

There will be a time limit on providing this information which will be communicated by Funstock when they send that email, and whilst this is a feature of the package, it’s completely optional – So if you don’t want to provide your name for the credits that’s fine.

We will also accept any name, so if you wish to be known by a user handle rather than your name, that’s fine as long as it isn’t offensive in any way.

We know this is something a lot of other projects do and we know how much communities love the ability to be acknowledged for contributing to those projects. Given we aren’t crowdfunded and the community at large has given us incredible support over the last 12 months, we felt this was the best way to give you the same opportunity.

We look forward to seeing your name on our TVs on November 3rd 2021.

The Evercade Limited Founder Edition will be available exclusively from Funstock from 10am BST on Thursday, May 27. You can sign up to be notified of the on-sale date on the link below (this will redirect once the Pre-Order is live):



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