Morphcat Games and Micro Mages Arrives on Evercade

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Micro Mages has arrived on Evercade!

Morphcat Games and Evercade have teamed up to bring you Morphcat Games Collection 1. A selection of three great releases from the German-based 8-bit development team and two bonus titles!

The incredibly popular co-op multiplayer titles Micro Mages makes its way to Evercade and is absolutely perfect for those with Evercade VS systems. An incredibly fast-paced and fun platforming adventure, Micro Mages is retro indie game royalty, thanks to its amazing development story. The game was built and designed within the limitations of the original 8-bit console it was built for. Meaning that the whole thing had to fit on just 40kb of memory. That’s the equivalent of 1.5 seconds of audio for an average MP3 file! You can see a great deconstruction of this by Morphcat Games themselves on their YouTube Channel: Morphcat Games

But it’s not just Micro Mages. Evercade is delighted to bring a bonus title with the expansion, Micro Mages Second Quest, to physical media for the first time! This reworking gives new life to the game with more challenging levels and an extra dose of fun!

It’s not just multiplayer fun with this collection. Two other single-player games and a bonus game are also on this collection, including a speed-running favourite and the game demo that started it all for Morphcat games.

The full games list is:

Micro Mages



Bonus: Micro Mages Second Quest

Bonus: Super Bat Puncher Demo

Morphcat Games Collection 1 will be available from May 31st, 2022, and will be cartridge number 25. Pre-orders for this collection will open on March 31st, 2022. 


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