Mega Cat Studios Collection 2 is coming to Evercade

Written by Sean Cleaver


We’re delighted to announce the Mega Cat Studios Collection 2 cartridge which will feature 8 more classic Mega Cat Studios games to the Evercade!

The new 8 game collection, due for release on September 29th 2021, will bring more games from the independent publisher. following the great reception of Mega Cat Studios Collection 1 which launched with the Evercade Handheld in 2020, it’s great that we’ve been able to further our partnership with Mega Cat Studios and dip further into their great catalogue of modern greats designed for older hardware.

This great selection includes 8 and 16-bit titles from independent developers, including Retro Souls. The Full games list is:

  • Alter Ego Dreamwalker
  • Arkagis Revolution
  • Dev Will Too
  • Gluf
  • Misplaced
  • Remeow & Julicat
  • Roniu’s Tale
  • Yazzie

These games are brought together in a retro-styled, collectible physical package for the Evercade and will be numbered Cartridge 20. You can pre-order this right now from all Evercade Retailers.


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