Intellivision Collection 2 Coming To Evercade – May 31st

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Intellivision returns to Evercade!

When we first announced the Intellivision Collections in February 2021, we did say that there would be two collections for fans to enjoy. And the next collection is just around the corner.

Twelve more classic games from the Intellivision make their way to Evercade on May 31st, 2022 with cartridge 26 – Intellivision Collection 2!  Pre-orders for this collection will open on March 31st, 2022.

Previously, we released some of the most well-known Intellivision franchises and classic titles. This collection is no exception with the brilliant stealth adventure title Cloudy Mountain, and, as many of you guessed from the teaser video, dungeon-crawling classic Tower of Doom.

Cloudy Mountain has gone by many names in its time but this great adventure game sees you negotiate a map of mountains, forests, and rivers through dark caves. But it’s not about fighting, it’s about sneaking, running away, and striking if you have to. Get to the mountain and get the Crown of Kings!

Tower of Doom is an incredibly deep dungeons crawler that sees you go through the many levels of a perilous tower. But it’s not only fighting, there’s bribery, different classes, different challenges and treasure to be had. 

With these two games are ten other great titles that highlight the sporting and action prowess of the Intellivision console and its library, playable on both Evercade Handheld and Evercade VS!

The full games list is:

  • Cloudy Mountain
  • Tower of Doom
  • Hover Force
  • Star Strike
  • Vectron
  • Auto Racing
  • Sharp Shot
  • Stadium Mud Buggies
  • Super Pro Decathlon
  • Motocross
  • Mountain Madness Super Pro Skiing
  • Reversi

You can pre-order your copy on March 31st, the same day Renovation Collection 1 and Gremlin Collection are on sale!

This cartridge will release alongside the new Morphcat Games Collection 1 cartridge which features five great new 8-bit games including Mirco Mages. You can read all about that here:


NOTE: The spooky skeleton in the video teaser (which was voiced by a member of the Evercade team) said: “Prepare to face the greatest challenge any mortal has ever known. Did you escape… Alive?” This is the second line and the final line from the original game manual for Tower of Doom. 


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