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Written by Sean Cleaver

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The ‘Indie Heroes’ Collection 1 Cartridge brings 14 independently developed games to Evercade. Originally made for classic systems, this specially curated line-up showcases talented developers from around the world. From platformers to story-driven horrors – this collection has plenty of depth and variety.

So what exactly are you going to be able to play when Indie Heroes arrives this July?

Doodle World
Platformer – 8Bit – by Nate Peters

The evil King Eraser and his office supply minions had stolen the magical crayon used to create Doodle’s amazing world! Play as Doodle and travel across the world to defeat King Eraser and his minions. Along the way, you will encounter numerous office supply enemies and eraser bosses in this uniquely stunning platformer.


Twin Dragons
Adventure/Platformer – 8Bit – By Broke Studios

On a faraway island Dinky and Minky, the Twin Dragons, live on top of a mountain with their parents, waiting for their new sibling to hatch out. One day, while their parents went hunting, the sorcerer of the neighboring remote tribe’s village decided to steal the egg in order to increase his power. Help Dinky and Minky on their fantastic journey to rescue their unborn sibling in this adventure-platformer.


Adventure/Platformer – 16Bit – by PSCD

Foxyland is a compelling action game that will have you traversing diverse terrain to save the love of your life. You’ll have to slug it with evil villains before you’re able to see your darling again. As you play through the many areas and hidden levels, the story unravels before you as you uncover new information and motivations in this charming adventure platformer.


Action/Adventure – 16 Bit – by PSCD

You are a debt collector who wakes up in a mysterious dungeon. You must fight your way through all the levels and collect the debts owed. Overcome ruthless enemies and deadly traps within the time limit. Your weapon? An incredibly hard forehead which you must use to break blocks, explosives, and vanquish foes. This is one debt collector you don’t want to mess with.


Alien Cat 2
Puzzle/Platformer – 16Bit – by PSCD

Once again the universe is under attack by ruthless enemies and the Alien Cat is on hand to protect people save the day. In this top-down puzzle game, you will collect all spaceship parts on levels and help them reach the portal. However, this is not as easy as it seems. Traps, mines, stakes are everywhere – be careful to avoid all of them. Additionally, look carefully for your clones, they mimic all cat movement and be used to your advantage and sometimes disadvantage.


Adventure/Horror – 8Bit – by Izma

Deadeus is an authentic 8-bit RPG horror game, featuring music by Stuart Busby. The game centers around a small boy who has a prophetic nightmare telling him everyone will die in 3 days and that he has to investigate his village to see how he can save them before his dream comes true. The game has 11 endings and no direct path leaving it up to the player to decide which is the best course of action.


Action/Adventure – 32Bit – by Bite the Chilli

Explore and fight your way through a large overworld and five dungeons in Anguna, a top-down fantasy game. Featuring, Multiple weapons, and items including a sword, bow & arrows, bear traps, dynamite, lantern, magic boots, and more. You’ll find plenty of hidden rooms, secrets, powerups, interesting enemies, and boss monsters in this action/adventure title.


Super Homebrew War
Fighting/Arena – 8 Bit – by Bite the Chilli

Featuring characters and maps from many well-loved homebrew games, you’ll fight it out in Super Homebrew War, to see who is the best.


Platformer – 8Bit – by Lowtek Games

Flea features a hyperactive flea that never stops jumping. He lives in and on, a pack of stray dogs that are ruled over by a greedy king. He must help the freedom fighters overthrow the king and let the blood flow free again. This charming and addictive platformer is tough yet rewarding and will have you playing for hours.


Shooter – 8 Bit – by Nape Games

In this horizontal scrolling shooter game, you control the ship Kairos, designed with high technology to fight against an invasion from the Uchūsen – a powerful race of aliens. Your goal is to open up between the enemy base and end the invasion to win the intergalactic war. Do you have all the necessary reflexes to control Kairos and overcome the enemy base?


Adventure/Platformer – 8Bit – by Nape Games

Ploid is a new platform adventure game for the Evercade, play solo and explore the lost temples in order to gain power and become the ultimate Ploid X of the galaxy! In order to become Ploid X, Omega must travel to several ruins in search of the sacred disks that contain the necessary information to be able to take the final step and evolve. Fight to get the best score and overcome become the ultimate Ploid.


Adventure – 8Bit – by SJ Games

Join KUBO in this new adventure game that will take you to the four corners of the world in search of the sacred crystals to rescue the inhabitants kidnapped by the infamous Moglar! Explore the underground world, the cemetery, the underwater world, or even the heavens to collect the items. Many monsters and bosses stand in your way before you reach the ultimate clash in your enemy’s castle!


Quest Arrest
Action/RPG – 8-Bit – by John Roo

The game follows the main protagonist, recently promoted, Detective Allison Bennett on her quest to clean up her city, Strange Meadows, after the recent crime spree that has thrown the city into chaos. Athena and her gang have been terrorizing the residents and she has set her sights on taking over the city for herself.


Chain Break
Side-Scroll/Platformer – 8Bit – by Tuxedo Games

It’s an arcade game with some traces of platformer, where you are a prisoner who managed to escape from the dungeon you were trapped in, and have to run through long and dangerous corridors, filled with traps and enemies, where each level is longer and harder than the previous. Chain Break is the ultimate test of skill and reflexes against a gameplay pace that is difficult to match, but rewarding when beaten.







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