Indie Heroes Collection 2 Coming January 2023 – Pre-order November 4th

Written by EVERCADE


We’ve been sharing the next Indie Heroes collection over the past 7 months with the new addition of Game of the Month for Evercade VS users. And now we can share the full 12 game line-up for Indie Heroes Collection 2 and some news onthe future of the series!


But first, the full games list. You’ll be aware of 8 of the 12 games on this collection thanks to Game of the Month. These are:


  • Tapeworm Disco Puzzle – Lowtek Games
  • Nessy The Robot – Daniel T. Gaming
  • Reknum Souls Adventure – Nape Games
  • The Cowlitz Gamers’ Adventure Trilogy – Łukasz Kur and M-Tee
  • Anguna: Scourge of the Goblin King – Bite The Chili Productions
  • Eyra: The Crow Maiden – Second Dimension
  • Lunar Journey – Greenboy Games
  • Yeah Yeah Beebiss II – Rigg’d Games


Joining these games will be


  • Gelatanous: Humanity Lost – The Retro Room (Which will also be December’s Game of the Month)
  • The Gruniożerca Trilogy – Łukasz Kur and M-Tee
  • Nix: The Paradox Relic – Dustin Huddleston
  • Beer Slinger – Second Dimension


Pre-orders for this collection will open on November 4th ahead of a release in January 2023.

As a standalone release, you can order this from all Evercade retailers from Friday!

There will also be a new bundle available from our partner retailer Funstock, with the addition of some new merchandise from Lowtek Games, one of our fan favourite developers in the Indie Heroes line. 


For those of you who are yet to start their Indie Heroes journey, there will also be a bundle available with both Indie Heroes collections and merchandise will also be available seperately.


We know many of you are looking forward to this cart, and are more than excited to revisit some of the games you’ve already been playing. 


Some changes


As you can tell, the back end of 2022 has deviated from the original roadmap slightly. As the year has gone on, some of our plans have changed and evolved, and for Indie Heroes, it has evolved for the better.


The addition of Game of the Month has been a massive success. As such, it will return in 2023, starting again in April. This time, however, with the addition of WiFi to the Evercade EXP, it will be available for both VS and EXP users. So you can take Game of the Month with you on the go!


With the Indie Heroes line being one of the core Evercade products when it comes to our games, we also decided its place should be more cemented within our development plans. We also know that there are a lot of Evercade fans who are more interested in the Indie game line up than other genres, and some would like more carts to come out on their own rather than in pairs.


So our Indie Heroes cartridges will now be slated for January of each year as a single release. The Game of the Month program will run from April to December and, like this year, will feature games ahead of the release of the collection in the following January.


There will still be other indie titles available throughout our release schedule in future including plans for more dual carts (XenoCrisis/Tanglewood and Alwa’s Awakening/Cathedral) and publisher collections. And you may see Indie Heroes not just constrained to the home console line up. The future is bright and the options plentiful for this critically-acclaimed series.


We take on board all the feedback you give to us and with this, we’ve tried to implement some in our production plans and also to continue to build this already popular line further and to greater notoriety by giving it its own place. We look forward to you enjoying the cart in January!


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