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Collectable Cartridges

Unique Cartridges exclusive to Evercade delivering retro games from some of the greatest names in classic video games. With over 280 games available on the system and more on their way!

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Responsive D-Pad, designed to feel like classic consoles • Mini HDMI port for TV, bringing retro action to your TV in HD. Dual Speakers for pure gaming sound quality. • 4.5 hour battery life with rechargeable USB Port.

Product highlights:

• 4.3" Screen (the same size as a PSP)
• Selectable 4: 3 or 16: 9 screen ratios (traditional retro 'square' Or widescreen)
• Supports saving and loading your game at any point
• Save on the cartridge for VS and Handheld play

“It’s a bold and Crazy idea. I dig it!”

Metal Jesus Rocks

“It’s a nice device and a lovely console…. It’s Bloody lovely”

The Retro Future

“I really like this system, they did a good job with it”

RGT 85

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