Evercade VS – What’s in the Box?

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The Evercade VS will be available to Pre-Order from May 28th with the release date of November 3rd 2021. The console is available in two packs:


The Evercade VS Starter Pack is the entry point to the new Evercade home console system. This package comes with:

The console comes with 4 USB ports for local multiplayer and is compatible with many existing third-party USB and wireless controllers. The dual cartridge bay allows you to play any of the existing Evercade cartridges* immediately, as well as any of the new collections, and will enable you to have the game selection of two collections at the same time.

Extra Controllers and accessories will be available to pre-order separately for the Evercade VS.



The Evercade VS Premium Pack is a great package for those wanting to immediately get into their multiplayer experience.

The Premium Pack comes with:


Both of these packs come in a specially produced retail box with all of the items included inside so you can get plugged in and straight to playing either your new or existing Evercade games*.


Pre-Order yours from your local retailer!

*Compatibility subject to license


Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Evercade VS existing cartridges?

The Evercade VS supports all existing and future Evercade Cartridges. The only exception is Namco Museum Collection 1 &2 (Carts 02 and 06) which are licensed exclusively for use on the Handheld. We hope to bring these to the Evercade VS in the future.

Are any cartridges exclusive to the Evercade VS

No. All cartridges, including the new arcade games, are available to play on all Evercade systems, except the aforementioned Namco Museum Collections.

Can I get extra controllers?

Yes, you can! Extra Wired Controllers are available to pre-order.

Will the Evercade VS work with other controllers?

Yes, it will. There will be support out of the box for many third-party retro and modern controllers, including wireless dongle support for 8bitdo controllers and full support for the Xbox Adaptive Controller.

Will there be a wireless Evercade VS Controller?

We are hoping to release a new wireless controller in 2022.

Does the Evercade VS come with a power supply and/or HDMI cable?

A power supply and HDMI cable are not included with the Evercade VS. This is compatible with any HDMI cable and powered by any 5V USB power source or adaptor (2amp recommended)

Can the Evercade VS update the firmware of the Evercade Handheld?

At this stage it cannot however, we are investigating ways to implement a more user-friendly firmware update for the Handheld in the future.

Can I use the Evercade VS Link Cable to Charge my Evercade Handheld?

No, the cable is designed not to charge your Handheld or any other wireless controller due to the required power draw.

Does the Evercade VS have online multiplayer or other online features?

The Evercade VS is a local multiplayer machine only and has no streaming, nor account services. We are investigating options for implementing some online features such as leaderboards and achievements after the console launches in November 2021.

Will there be digital downloads, games, or stores on the Evercade VS?

The Evercade is a physical-only gaming ecosystem and there are no plans to introduce any digital purchases, game downloads, or streaming services to the Evercade Handheld or VS consoles.

What are the specifications of the Evercade VS?

The Evercade VS is powered by a 1.4Ghz Quad-Core CPU and has 512MB of DDR3 Ram as well as 4GB of internal storage. It has four USB controller ports and two Evercade Cartridge slots. It will output 1080p resolution via HDMI and is powered by a micro USB port. The Evercade VS also has built-in WiFi.

Where can I pre-order the Evercade VS Limited Founder Edition?

This console package is only available at Funstock and will ship globally. You can pre-order yours here while stocks last.




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