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Hello everyone,

We’ve got some updates for you on the current status of the VS shipping in the US and Germany. As people will know the dates of these releases have moved around a lot, especially when our stock was ready in September to hit a global November release date. We even talked about it in our October update. However, recent times have not been kind to best-laid plans.

To address our European VS Shipping delays. Our distributor for Germany handles many of the countries in the region – Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Italy. Whilst the VS stock arrived at the warehouse in December, the local situation there with freight and pandemic restrictions has meant that the date for simultaneous release for those regions had to move. But we are on course for a February 11th 2022 release date for all those areas, along with local language reviews of the console.

For the US, the situation has become more complex than we’d anticipated. Many of you will know about the global shipping crisis and the similar crisis in logistics at a national level in the country – this is a prime example of how it has affected us and undoubtedly other manufacturers.

Our stock arrived at the port in LA on December 20th 2021. It left the port’s train station on January 23rd 2022. That was a full month after it arrived, purely because of the backlog of stock and lack of available transport options. When it arrives at our distributor, the same situation could happen again – a lack of available trucks. Once it is there it will go out to all the retailers’ own warehouses for them to send it to you. Because of this, the date our distributor has advised is now achievable for release is February 25th 2022.

We obviously wish it wasn’t the case. The situation in the US has been so annoyingly out of our control, we’ve felt utterly helpless and we can only apologise to those customers who have been so patiently waiting. We know your wait will be worth it. And hopefully, when new carts come this year, you’ll have a great library of games available to you to try.

Once those dates have been achieved, we shall start releasing some news about the next carts in 2022 and also bring you a new roadmap for this year. We want to make sure that everyone has got what they ordered before we open pre-orders for more things. But rest assured, the stock is there, it is on its way to you as quickly as it possibly can be right now.

Once again, we apologise and thank you for your continued patience and understanding.


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