Evercade VS Update 2.1.4 Now Available – July Game Of The Month Now Live!

Written by Sean Cleaver

Tags EVERCADE, mega cat, roniu's tale

UPDATE 2/7/2022

We have pushed a new hotfix update today with version 2.1.4. This will fix some of the reported issues on select games following the 2.1.3 update.


  • Fixed an issue where previously unpatched copies of Mega Cat Studios Collection 2 would not boot certain titles after implementing 2.1.3 (please note that you will have a prompt box before updating a game that will advise you on save state wiping before proceeding for that title).
  • Includes file fix for Intellivision Collection 2 to counter potential faulty cartridge issues (please contact support@evercade.co.uk if you are experiencing any issues)


Evercade VS 2.1.3 is now live for users to download. Simply turn on your device and make sure it is connected to your WiFi. You will be able to update the console by going to the left-hand menu and selecting the COG-shaped icon to access the settings menu, then select “System” and “Check for Update.” To update, simply follow the on-screen prompts. Your console will update within a few minutes.

NOTE: If you haven’t yet updated your Evercade VS to version 2.1.0, you will be prompted to visit the update area a second time to do another update. You need both updates in order to get to the latest version. This is only necessary for this update and for users still on version 2.0.x.

Alongside our new Game of the Month for July – The Cowlitz Gamer’s Adventure Trilogy, we also have a few other system improvements which are listed below. One big update is that we now have the complete version of Roniu’s Tale, which was presented as a demo on Mega Cat Studios Collection 2. To update your cartridge, simply put the cartridge in the Evercade VS and boot up the game. This will update the game to the full version. Any existing save states for that game will be erased before you update the game and you will have a warning on screen before you proceed. After that, you’ll have the full version playable on all Evercade devices. Handheld only users will be getting this game update in the next planned system update but if you have access to a VS, you can follow the above process.


  • Added full version of Roniu’s Tale for Mega Cat Studios Collection 2 cartridge. (This game will take longer to load upon first boot due to it being updated)
  • Improved Evercade VS patching system.
  • Fixed an issue where SRAM saves would wipe upon using in-game menu Reset function.
  • Improved Evercade VS FW Update detection.


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