Evercade Handheld Firmware 2.0 Update

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UPDATE: 22/12/2021 – HOTFIX 2.0.1 NOW AVAILABLE: https://evercade.co.uk/evercade-handheld-updater/

Following feedback from last week’s v2.0.0 release, we’ve been able to address some of the most critical issues that have affected your enjoyment of our new firmware. Please download v.2.0.1 from the links below.

We have also continually updated the specs and the FAQ on the updater page so please make sure you read through that if you are encountering any issues.


  • Fixed issues of control input dropping
  • Fixed game launching issues


DOWNLOAD THE NEW FIRMWARE HERE: https://evercade.co.uk/evercade-handheld-updater/

The newest update is here for the Evercade Handheld and it’s a BIG ONE.

Version 2.0 brings the Evercade Handheld in line with similar features of the Evercade VS UI, allowing all users to have a brand new experience and provide much-requested features!

Alongside new display options and the addition of extra languages, we’ve completely redesigned the menu screen, added new themes exclusive for the handheld, and provided many of the benefits of our new UI. This includes Save Game images, the ability to delete your saves, and the addition of the “Controller Mode” which will allow for Evercade VS users with the Evercade VS Link Cable to use their handheld as an additional controller.

We have also completely redesigned the Evercade Updater itself to make the process as easy as possible and have finally been able to add support for Mac and Linux users to update their Evercade on their systems. Mac is available now and Linux will be coming shortly.

We’ll be bringing more updates in the future to add any fixes, updates, or additional features to the UI, and we’ll continue to work on making the updating process even more simple for users and Evercade VS owners if we can.

To download the new update, visit our new Evercade Handheld Updater page.

There is also an FAQ on the page so if you have any queries or issues, there should be help there for you.

If you need further support then please contact support@evercade.co.uk

You can also find a full list of the updates in the below changelog.

Changelog –  Evercade Handheld v2.0.0 – 16/12/2021


  • Fixed audio for Main Menu when running in 720p
  • Fixed audio for intro video when running in 720p



  • Added brand new menu system for handheld and 720p output
  • Added in-game details and control mapping list per game
  • Added new video intro and branding
  • Added Main Menu game sort options
  • Added Dutch and Polish languages
  • Added Main Menu scanlines
  • Improved screen dimming options
  • Added optional battery percentage display
  • Added in-game display setting options
  • Added Main Menu themes “Neon” & “Origin”
  • Added “Load Last Save” option
  • Added loading screen message when loading games
  • Added Controller Mode for Evercade VS (Requires Evercade VS Link Cable, available seperately)


  • Added brand in-game menu system for handheld and 720p outputs
  • Added “Pixel Perfect” aspect ratio option
  • Added Nearest Neighbour Filtering to “Pixel Perfect” when running in 720p
  • Added “Subtle” & “Strong” scanline options
  • Added “Bezels” with six individual bezel options
  • Overhauled and improved input handling to decrease input latency
  • Added global performance fixes throughout
  • Added Quick Save / Quick Load options
  • Improved and overhauled save state system to also allow screenshots
  • Added ability to delete savestates from “Save” and “Load” screens
  • Added digital control mapping display to in-game


  • Fixed a number of typos and game descriptions across cartridges
  • Added better error handling on device
  • Number of internal fixes and overhauls to improve backend stability and future-proofing


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