Introducing the Evercade EXP Limited Edition

Written by Sean Cleaver


Retro Gaming is Levelled Up with our brand new gaming handheld.


The Evercade EXP Limited Edition brings retro gaming in your hands the way it should be – with full support for the Evercade Physical Cartridge library. That’s over 300 games across 30 collections with full colour manuals, collectible cases and phsyical cartridges.

The Limited Edition package will be £179.99.

Pre-orders will open in TOMORROW and is exclusively available at Funstock.co.ukahead of its release in Winter 2022

The new console is built upon the two years of feedback from Evercade fans, communities, reviewers and from the advancements in technology since the original launch in 2020.

What’s In The Box?

The Evercade EXP Limited Edition comes with many exclusive extras that will not be available anywhere else.

The Limited Edition will come in a special one off package with the entire contents contained within, much like our previous exclusive releases. The EXP console itself will be a black coloured console, only available in this package. You’ll get IREM Arcade 1 and another newly announced cartridge – Toaplan Arcade 1. Also included is an EVA hard carry case for the Evercade EXP, which will only available in this collection and not available seperately. There will also be Limited Edition art cards, a poster and a collectible keyring.

Only 5000 of the Evercade EXP Limited Edition packages will be available to order and previous Evercade launches have sold out very quickly, so make sure you keep an eye on Funstock.co.uk.

The Limited Edition will be available to pre-order TOMORROW (June 1st) from 5PM UK time, 6pm Europe, 12pm Eastern and 9am Pacific.


The Evercade EXP Limited Edition


The Evercade EXP Limited Edition comes in an exclusive black colour and a special “Evercade EXP Limited Edition” logo on the bezel. Our 4.3” high resolution IPS screen means that you can play retro gaming classics across 40 years with pixel perfect clarity. This bright display means you won’t have to fight the light to see what’s happened and will give you great viewing angles, wherever and however you play.




Built-In WiFi and USB-C Charging

Updating your console is easier than ever with the inclusion of Built-In WiFi and charging is a breeze with the new USB-C charging port. The Evercade EXP will also be on par with the Evercade VS, meaning you will get home console performance in the palms of your hands.

Bonus Content

The Evercade EXP will also come with bonus content. More information will be announced in September 2022.




The Evercade EXP is the first handheld console in over 20 years designed to use vertical screen orientation.

Using the new TATE mode, you can turn your console 90 degrees anti-clockwise and use the dedicated TATE controls to play with ease, with no awkward controls or difficult setup.

You can now play vertical screen games the way they were meant to be played with 15 TATE games available at launch (including already release arcade games) and more on the way.







With over 260 games available

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