Arcade Games are Coming to Evercade!

Written by Sean Cleaver

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Arcade games are coming to the Evercade with the announcement of four new cartridges! All four Arcade collections will feature arcade versions of the included games, from classic hits to some rediscovered greats. These new cartridges follow the now traditional Evercade formula of providing something everyone loves and something new to discover. In total, there will be 37 games across these new cartridges for gamers to enjoy, including some never-before-released arcade gems!

All four cartridges will be available individually to purchase and are playable both on the Evercade Handheld and the Evercade VS. And are available as bundles with Evercade VS Starter and Premium Packs. Just like the existing collections, all cartridges are also going to support save states across both the Handheld and Evercade VS systems.

As many of you spotted in our Evercade VS announcement trailer, the new purple spine denotes the separation from the main console-focused collections of Evercade cartridges and the numbering system is reset for this new arcade line. But it still has the same great attention to detail with the cartridges coming with a bespoke manual and cover and provided in a bespoke plastic clamshell case, to fit in with the rest of the Evercade line. The price point of these cartridges is also in line with the existing Evercade price point of £14.99/$19.99.

All these collections have been curated by hand and feature the latest in commercial arcade emulation, and all games have been officially licensed by the license holders to provide Evercade gamers the most accurate and playable experience available.

These collections will be available for Pre-Order on May 28th and will be released alongside the Evercade VS on November 3rd 2021.

Games List

01 – Technos Arcade 1

The Combatribes

Block Out

Battle Lane Vol. 5

Double Dragon II: The Revenge

Double Dragon III: The Rosetta Stone

Mania Challenge

Minky Monkey

Mysterious Stones: Dr John’s Adventure


02 – Data East Arcade 1

Bad Dudes Vs. Dragon Ninja


Burger Time

Chain Reaction

Dark Seal

Darwin 4078

Lock ‘N’ Chase

Sly Spy


Wizard Fire


03 – Gaelco Arcade

Alligator Hunt

Biomechanical Toy


Snow Board Championship

Thunder Hoop

World Rally


04 – Atari Arcade 1

Asteroids Deluxe

Canyon Bomber


Crystal Castles


Lunar Lander


Missile Command

Night Driver



Super Breakout




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