Alwa’s Awakening & Cathedral Come to Evercade this October!

Written by Sean Cleaver


That’s right we have a brand new dual cartridge collection!

Bringing incredible Indie Games to Evercade has always been an integral part of our mission and today we’re delighted to announce two major steps forward with this new collection.

Collection 27 will bring the 8-Bit Edition of Alwa’s Awakening by Elden Pixels and Cathedral by Decemberborn. Both incredible Swedish developers. What makes this doubly special however is the fact that Cathedral is the first commercially released native port for Evercade. Re-built and optimised by Decemberborn, this means that the game is not emulated and runs natively on Evercade devices.

These excellent titles showcase a mix of some of the best and most loved genres of retro gaming, with a mix of “metroidvania” style platforming and ability upgrading, as well as deep worlds to explore and hours of enjoyment to be had.

Alwa’s Awakening

Take control of Zoe, a young girl tasked with the liberation of Alwa from evil beings. With your magic staff you will jump and fight your way through a massive interconnected world, solving puzzles and defeating enemies along the way. With over 10 hours of gameplay and many areas to explore along with abilites to upgrade, the 8-Bit Edition of the award winning Alwa’s Awakening will keep you coming back for more.


You wake up in a world with no recollection of how you arrived there, and immediately you have one quest – to get out! Cathedral brings over 600 rooms, multiple upgrades, secrets and puzzles for you to explore along with lots of treasure to find! Use the elemental orbs to find out who you are and defeat the fearsome guardians protecting them.

Developer Decemberborn has ported this game natively to Evercade, meaning it is not an emulation of retro console, but our first ever commercially released game designed to run on Evercade.


This will make up Collection 27 for Evercade’s home console series of cartridges with a newly re-designed cover and cartridge art. Pre-orders for this collection will open on July 29th and release in October 2022. Adding to the already large catalogue of indie titles available on evercade and the 300+ games available on the system, this collection will available for use on all Evercade hardware running the latest version of its firmware. Original Handheld owners will be able to run this title from FW version 1.3.x and above. For more information on updating your devices, please visit our support page.


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